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Breakfast & Brunch 

Enjoy a bit of French! Discouver a new and fresh inspired French breakfast meal to jump start your day. Each item on our menu is prepared with much precision and lots of TLC with your pleasure in mind. À La Carte & Buffet comes with your complimentary choice of coffee or tea.



Le Croque Madame     $16.95

A French grilled cheese with ham and bechamel sauce topped with your choice of eggs and a side of fresh fruit.


Le Croque Monsieur   $14.75

Like its dainty partner, this  sandwich is stuffed with gruyere, parmesan, ham and bechamel sauce toasted to perfection.

Millefleuille & poached egg_edited.jpg


Poached Leek

Sandwich    $15.95     

A freshly toasted croissant sandwich with poached eggss finished with a French leek beurre blanc sauce served with fresh fruit.


Oeufs à la

Bènèdictine    17.95

2 poached eggs poured over creamy hollandaise sauce and grilled ham on toasted English muffin served with fresh fruit. 

eggs benedict.jpg
Paint Strokes
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Menu Pour Enfants


Crèpe Amèricaine   $8.95

3 mini homestyle pancakes dusted with icing sugar and plenty of fresh fruit.

Le Petit Goùt     $8.50

A classic breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs and melted gooey cheese and a choice of bacon or sausage.

Les  Crèpes des

Enfants     $10.60

One savoury crèpe with shredded gruyeere cheese with a choice of chocolate hazelnut spread or nutella. The perfect balance between sweet and salty.

Mini Poached Leek

Sandwich     $12.95

A mini croissant with a French leek beurre blanc and your choice of egg.

Le Signature Pour Les Enfants     $10.75

A smaller portion of our signature French toast to make the kids feel like the adults!

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